Post 2019.01.30 18:55

[CLASS] 2019 - 2 - 9 @21:00 T2 Industry

From moon goo and PI all the way to modules and ships. This lecture will cover the full T2 production chain.

Will also cover:
- How to plan for getting into T2
- Skills required
- Different approaches to T2 production
- Spreadsheet love <3
- Profitability !!

and other stuff

WARNING: This lecture contains a lot of info and will go for quite some time. It is an indepth class so may be too much info for some.

Things people may have said after attending this lecture:

"make the bad man stop"
"there is 2 hours of my life i can't get back"
"would totally recommend to someone I dont like"
"it was ok i guess, if you are into that kidna thing"
"sometimes its better not to know"
"my head exploded ... just a little bit"
"uuugggghhhh duuuuuuhhhhh baaaa"
"lecture should be renamed 'why not to do indusrty in EVE'"