Post 2019.01.29 16:35

[Core] 2019-02-03 Intro to Fleets @ 00:00

Confused about fleets? Not sure what the commands mean? Want to shoot bad guys with some newfound friends?

Join me Sunday at 00:00 for An introduction to Fleets class.

For those who would like, we will be having a practical after class where i will move the fleet out to Stacmon to stage for an 02:00 low sec fleet where you can put your newfound skills to use.
Please be docked up in station when you attend a class for your own safety! And if you will be coming on the practical travel fleet out to Stacmon please be docked up in Citadel 101 in Amy in a doctrine ship.

Doctrine Information for travel fleet and Low-Sec Roam if you will be joining in afterwards:

It's always better to fly a ship that fits the fleet doctrine, but I want anyone that is interested in flying in a pvp fleet to join us -- regardless of what you fly (just let me know: show up early or send me an email).

Note: please meta up/down as needed to make a fit.

Damage ; BLAP Merlin

Logi : BLAP Burst

Where: Public Mumble and Docked in Amy if you will be coming on travel fleet to Stacmon
When: 2019-02-03 at 00:00