[SESSION]Singularity Server: Bombers & BLOPS

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Post 2019.01.19 00:36

[SESSION]Singularity Server: Bombers & BLOPS

Singularity Server
Bombers & BLOPS
Large Fleet Operations

Reading music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkt8gr0_me8

Essential Details:
    Instructor: Space Warfare Development
    Location: Singularity Server / docked up in Dodixie
    Duration: 1 hour class + questions & answers session
    Buying System: Singularity Server / Rens
    Staging System: Singularity Server / Dodixie

Real-world Comms:
    Mumble / Eve University - Public / Lecture Hall I
    In-game Comms:
    Singularity Server / Channels / Lecture.E-UNI, Class (EVE Uni)
    Singularity server / Fleet Finder / "BOMBERS AND BLOPS"

Session Objectives:

Hello. Welcome to large fleet stealth bomber orientation. This session will cover stealth bomber T1 fittings, preparation for large fleet operations, travel to and combat maneuvering in the engagement zones. Session lecture will be in Mumble. Fleet movements practical will be on the Singularity server.

In preparation for this session, I would like to request the following rolls on the Singularity server:
-a ship with a cyno
-a ship with a warp disruption bubble
-a large target with drones
-a black ops battleship with Large Micro Jump Drive, Covert Jump Portal Generator I, and appropriate jump fuel
-a command destroyer with micro jump field generator
Try this BLOPS
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Sentient Signal Amplifier

Sensor Booster II
Sensor Booster II
Sensor Booster II
Large Micro Jump Drive

Large I-ax Enduring Remote Armor Repairer
Large Remote Hull Repairer I
Covert Jump Portal Generator I
Caldari Navy Cloaking Device
Heavy Ghoul Compact Energy Nosferatu
Large 'Vehemence' Shockwave Charge
Large 'Vehemence' Shockwave Charge
Large 'Vehemence' Shockwave Charge

Large Cargohold Optimization II
Large Cargohold Optimization II
ECCM Script x3
129,000 Helium Isotopes

Please stage your ships in Singularity/Dodixie
BUYING SYSTEM: Singularity Server / Rens
STAGING SYSTEM: Singularity Server / Dodixie
WORMHOLE SYSTEM: Singularity Server / FD-MLJ
Singularity Server / Dodixie market prices are expensive, there are cheaper prices in the outer systems so buy your ships and parts outside of Dodixie.
After assembling your ship, undock, and enter /moveme in the local chat field. A menu of systems will appear.
Select dodixie and your ship will instantly transfer to the Dodixie system.
Dock up at Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Anyone can attend the lecture part.
    The class part is in public Mumble so bring your friends.
    Pilots who are not skilled into stealth bomber operation may attend the class.
    Take notes because I do not have a presentation and the Eve University bombers class teacher notes needs revision.

Pilots in Singularity can fly through the practical part.
    -Please prepare your character account on the Singularity server before the session starts.
    -Transfer your character bulk data over early, buy your ship and modules and ammunition.
    -You may fly your preferred stealth bomber, it must have a Covert Ops Cloaking Device and torpedo launchers (bomb launchers if your skills are up, Focused Void bombs)
    You must be able to pilot your stealth bomber. The cloaking device is important as it is your means of taking the jump bridge to the engagement zone and remaining invisible to the enemy fleet.
    -See this reference thread for bomber fittings: https://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtop ... 2&t=111356
    -Stage your stealth bomber in Dodixie on the Sigularity server.

What will be covered:
    -Stealth bomber T1 fittings. We will go over basic fittings and the skills required for large fleet operations.
    -Preparation for large fleet operations. We will cover prestaging and travel to the rally point.
    -Combat maneuvering. We will cover warping, jumping, staging, bridging, landing, bookmarking, aligning, targeting, cloaking, safe spots, applying maximum damage, receiving minimum damage. We will take the fleet into a wormhole, stage on the bridging battleship, take the bridge to a target, engage the target and drones, warp off to safe spots, re-stage on the bridging battleship, and take the bridge back to the origin system.
    -Casualties of engagement. We will cover disconnections, ship destruction, and evasion
    -Questions and answers. Questions covering the basic knowledge of large fleet operations, damage and support roles.
    Advanced questions please feel free to chat with me on a sidebar.

At the end of the session:
    -Experiments. We will conduct several experiments involving command destroyer micro jumpdrive activation to verify game mechanics are still working: These experiments include:
    -The Bomb Truck tactic
    -Booshing Ninjas
    -Super Booshing
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Space Warfare Development



Post 2019.01.20 07:08

[SESSION]Singularity Server:Bombers & BLOPS



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