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[CLASS] 2019-01-23 @17:45 Introduction to HSC


Introduction to High Security Campus

This course is designed primarily for covering the basic information about the EVE University High Security Campus.
The aim of the course is to inform capsuleers about the High Security Campus and its services as well as the activities and daily operations around HSC.

Time: Wednesday, 23rd January, 17:45 EVE Time
Communications: "Class (EVE Uni)" and EVE University Public Mumble
Location: Safely docked
Duration: 45 minutes (This is a rework of this lecture so I don't know for sure how long I will take)

Topics Covered:
  • Campus Management
  • Campus Location
  • Campus Structures & Stations
  • New to HSC Checklist
  • Campus Activities
  • Campus Services & Programs
  • Q&A

Student requirements:
  • Public Mumble Registration and Access - Make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up:
  • Access to the "Class (EVE Uni)" in-game chat channel

Additional information: This class is primarily lecture, delivered in public Mumble and the ingame channel, followed by Q&A. There is no practical component.


Any questions? Ask me here, in mumble or ingame.
Assistant Teaching Manager
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