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[COMPLETED] 2019-01-13 Logistics 102 - Anchor

LOGISTICS 102 - Anchor

We stand strong and as one - The heart of the Anchor is your most powerful tool. Become the banner and lead your brethren to a glorious victory.


In this class I will go over what it means to be a Logistics anchor and the steps you can take to enhance your power as a leader of Logi-bros.

Essential Details
  • Instructor: Tassadar Gantrithor
  • Where: Mumble Public Server - Lecture Hall II
  • When: Day 2019.01.13 20:00 EVE Time
  • Server: Tranquility
  • Location: Stacmon | Docked up in Planet V - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
  • Duration: Estimated 2 hour

Class overview
  • What is a Logistics anchor?
  • What are anchor ships? (fittings)
  • Mindset of an anchor.

Student requirements
  • Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble operational well before the class begins.
    Use this guide for set-up: Mumble
  • Access to the Class (EVE Uni) in-game chat channel

Questions? Ask here in this thread.