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[COMPLETED] 2018-09-29 Intro to the NSC


Ever wondered what it's like to fly and live out in Nullsec without CONCORD watching your back? Ever wanted to make more money running L3 missions in a Vexor than L4s at the HSC in a Battleship? What about learning the fundamentals of PvP without taking a hit to your security status or having your ship blown to pieces by gate guns? If that sounds good to you, then you might want to come and check out the Nullsec Campus.

When: Saturday Sept 29th, 20:00 EVE Time
Where: Mumble and Class (EVE Uni) chat channel
Duration: 1hr Lecture + Q&A

Topics Covered:
  • What is Null Security Space?
  • What makes Null different?
  • What actually is the NSC?
  • Requirements to join?
  • Traveling to Campus
  • Campus Orientation
  • NSC Activities
  • Some other stuff...
  • Q&A

Student requirements:
Access to Mumble and chat (obviously...)

Note: I am aware that there is a class tomorrow, this is a response to a request for the same class at a more USTZ friendly timezone. We'll just be going over the core content and any other questions that pop up here and there, so there won't be a travel fleet heading to the NSC for this class either.
Damien Maken