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[CORE] 2017.05.01 @ 18:00 Intro to D-Scan and Bookmarks

Intro to D-Scan and Bookmarking for new players. The aim of this class is to provide a basic understanding of D-Scan and Bookmarking for new and returning/rusty players. Optional practical after class.

Practical will involve you locating someone using D-Scan and making a safe and bookmarking in a wormhole (We could all die so bring a cheap ship). Please arrive in Amygnon (HSC) before the lecture starts.

Monday 1st of May, 18:00 EVE Time
Please be in Mumble, Lecture.E-UNI and Amygnon in Hi-sec before the lecture starts
2 hours total

Topics Covered
D-scan and Bookmarking