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[COMPLETE] 2017-04-12 01:00 Introduction to Minmatar Ships

Introduction to Minmatar Ships


This introductory class is for new (or relatively new) members, and especially Alpha clones of the Minmatar race, but it will be good for anyone who wants to learn the basic characteristics of Minmatar ships.
It should last around 45 minutes depending on how many questions are asked.

Topics covered:
  • General Minmatar characteristics
  • Primary Weapons: Projectile Turrets
  • Secondary Weapons
  • Tanking Minmatar ships
  • Minmatar EWAR
  • Sample fits
  • Q&A

Student requirements:
  • Connection to the Public Mumble Server - please have your Mumble access sorted out well in advance of the class! Use this guide to set up Mumble:
  • Joining the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel

Questions? Post here in this thread.
Orientation Manager

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