[CLASS] 2024-06-22 Introduction to Incursions @1130

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[CLASS] 2024-06-22 Introduction to Incursions @1130

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INCURSION Intro video

Incursions are higher-end PvE fleet content, and Incursion running with EVE University is an incredibly fun activity, with an awesome bunch of pilots, and is phenomenally profitable.

This class is to introduce EVE Uni members to the basic concepts of Incursion content, and to the EVE University Vanguard Incursion Community.

When: Saturday 22 Jun at 1130 EVE
Where: E-Uni Discord
Duration: Around one hour

Topics Covered:
Incursion lore
Incursions mechanics
The EVE Uni Incursion Community
EVE Uni Roles and ship progression
Public Incursion Communities

Student requirements:
EVE Uni Discord
Student Advocate
Uni Hauler

Ex Teaching Manager x2
Ex Senior Personnel Officer
Ex Mentor
Ex Special Projects Officer (Unibombers)
Ex Student Guidance
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