[Completed] 2024-06-11, 18:00 - Halsky's Tuesday: Intro to Standings

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[Completed] 2024-06-11, 18:00 - Halsky's Tuesday: Intro to Standings

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Hello Capsuleers!

On 11th of June I will run:

Intro to Standings!


I will talk about:
  • What are Standings
  • Why should you care (or not) about them
  • How to improve them
  • And more!

I will also have (hopefully!) Special Guest, who will correct my mistakes and offer more practical tips on Standings improvement - he's a real PRO in this matter :)

When: Tuesday, 11th of June, 18:00
Where: Discord Classrooms
Duration: 1 hour for Class, but it might go for 1.5h if we have good questions :)

Student requirements:


Hivaa Saitsuo!
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