[Completed] Sunday 2-11, 22:00 Intro To Fleet Command + Roam AfterClass

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[Completed] Sunday 2-11, 22:00 Intro To Fleet Command + Roam AfterClass

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A class for aspiring Fleet Commanders about... well how to be a fleet commander.

Will cover:

How to begin as a Fleet Commander
Basic Tactics
Building your team.
Preparation for fleet
Setting up the Fleet window.
How to anchor the fleet
How to Select Targets.

Afterwards, I will be leading us on a roam with simple doctrine (see separate post) and you can see what I do (for good or bad) and discuss it.

Disclaimer, I am not a part of the University's FC team and my FC culture may be somewhat different than you may be used to. I seek to teach a class about Fleet command in general based on my experience in several corporations. It may not be particularly well adapted to how the University does things, so listen to what I have to say Critically before trying it.
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