(Complete) 2023-11-25 Venture Mining w/optional practical (Saturday, 20000 Eve Time)

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(Complete) 2023-11-25 Venture Mining w/optional practical (Saturday, 20000 Eve Time)

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Mining is one of the most basic and essential activities in Eve for both the newbro and the seasoned veteran; and the Venture is the first ship that a player will mine in. Learning the basics of safe and profitable mining in the Venture you can then apply this knowledge to any mining vessel and activity in Eve. The Venture is flyable by a new player but very often is used by seasoned Eve veterans due to it's flexibility, low-cost and simplicity. This class will be fairly detailed and will include an optional practical where we will apply some of the lessons-learned, have an open discussion and maybe make some ISK.

Some of the topics to be covered in class:
  • Types of mining in a Venture
  • High-Sec mining and High-Sec ores
  • What, when and where to mine
  • Venture Mining Frigate & Mining Equipment (for the Venture)
  • Skills
  • Staying Alive
  • What to do with your ore
Some topics covered in the practical:
  • Putting all the class into practice
  • More on Safety and staying alive
  • Mining in a fleet with and without boosts
  • D-Scan
  • Local
  • Reading the Overview
  • And more!!!
When: Saturday, 25th November, 2000 Eve Time
Where: Mumble for voice, Discord for slides and questions
Instructor: Mohoao Maripi
Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour for class & 30-45 minutes for the practical (or as long as people want to hang out)

Student must have access to Mumble and Discord for the class portion; and a T1 or T2 Venture and the EUni Overview loaded for the practical. I you don't have a Venture in class just ask, we'll get you one. It's not recommended to do anything risky or attention-intensive in-game while in class. If the Uni is at war then the practical section will be canceled and we will just have an extended Q&A.

Note: This class is very much a 'work in progress' so comments and input are greatly appreciated.
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Re: (CLASS) 2023-11-25 Venture Mining w/optional practical (Saturday, 20000 Eve Time)

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If possible I'm going to attend the practical part. Two Questions:
  • Are there any requirements for the fitting or something that I should bring if possible?
  • Where would the practical part start? Stacmon?
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