[COMPLETED][CORE]2023-06-03 Intro to Weapon Systems (1700)

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[COMPLETED][CORE]2023-06-03 Intro to Weapon Systems (1700)

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This is a CORE class, specifically designed for new players.

This class is aimed at new players, to discuss the various weapon systems available to them, raise awareness of basic weapon system mechanics, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various in-game weapons.

Saturday, 3rd June 17:00
E-Uni Discord Class Channels and E-Uni Mumble Classrooms (you will need both).
1 Hour + Q&A

This CORE class covers the following topics:
  • Turret Mechanics
  • Energy Turrets and their ammunition
  • Hybrid Turrets and their ammunition
  • Projectile Turrets and their ammunition
  • Missile Mechanics
  • Drones
  • Specialist Weapons Systems
  • Q&A
Student requirements: Additional information: This class is primarily a lecture followed by a Q&A. There is no practical component, and students are recommended to remain docked for safety.
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