[COMPLETE] Intro to Teaching (2022-11-23 @ 0900)

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Spanky Ikkala
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[COMPLETE] Intro to Teaching (2022-11-23 @ 0900)

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When: Wednesday 23 November at 0900 EVE
Where: Mumble and Discord
Duration: 1 hour

Topics Covered:
What is Teaching Hint
Who can teach? Hint
Why should you teach? Hint
What resources are available to help you teach? Hint
Who can you speak to about starting to teach? Hint
Q&A - Most of the class should be an "Ask Me Anything" format, where you can ask me (and others in chat) anything you want to know about teaching!

Student requirements:
EVE Uni Mumble
EVE Uni Discord
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Jason Eoner
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Re: [CLASS] Intro to Teaching (2022-11-23 @ 0900)

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There is no such thing as an ex teacher or mentor.
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