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[Class] Q&A Style - Events + CCI [completed]


Q&A Style - Events + CCI

Class details:
Mumble: e-uni public mumble channel
Ingame channel: Class (EVE Uni)
When: 30/09/2018 @ 18:00 Eve time

Turlough Dominian will handle the events aspect of the class
Croixant will handle the CCI aspect of the class

The goals for this class:
To cover who can run an event in e-uni <spoiler> anyone really :P
Who can take part in events
What are events and ways to go about organizing them
How to host your first event
Some other things event related
Cross campus Initiative
How to get a shinie medal if medals are your thing <3

some recommend reading would be The CCI programe and the events department wiki page

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