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[CORE] Introduction To Fleets 2018.05.22 @00:01

Are you new to the E-uni, or PVP? Have you been on a few fleets and have questions about things you have experienced? Do you just like pvp and want to go shoot people in the face?

Good news on 2018.05.22 @ 00:01 (5.21.2018 Monday night for my USTZ bro's) I will be conducting the [core] class Introduction to fleets, with an open Q&A afterwards to cover any questions on the curriculum or anything more advanced you may have questions with about fleets and pvp combat.
What better way to put what you learned into practice than undocking and going on a fleet after the class

When: Monday, 21 May 2018(USTZ), 00:01 EVE Time
Where: Mumble and Lecture.E-UNI
Duration: 60 minutes - lecture with a brief practical (time permitting)
Location: Docked up safely in Stacmon V-9 (if intending to participate in the practical); lecture only from anywhere

Topics Covered:
Why Use Fleets
Purpose of Fleets
Fleet Preparations
Forming a Fleet
Fleet Movement and Comms
Practical (time permitting)

Student requirements:
Public Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins.
Use this guide for Mumble set-up: Mumble and ensure you have Push-to-talk set.
Access to the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel

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