Post 2017.10.05 15:30

Re: Pandemic Horde wants YOU right now for World War Bee

Shameless bump and Horde update.

Tonight, deep in null sec, in the Detroid region, system IAS-I5, 3 Triumvirate citadels (a fortizar, an azebel and a raitaru) sit stripped of their shields. On grid, our allies' Fortizar is coming out of anchoring. Cyno ships stealth into place ready to light the beacons to call the capitals to war.

The simmering war in the South just hit DEFCON 1 overnight. Expect titans on grid. Expect dread bomb fleets. Expect pirate battleship fleets. It's gonna be YUGE... and the Russians are going to pay for it.

If you were in Horde, you'd jump clone to HLW-HP. Someone would give you a Macherial to fly. You'd take out the platinum insurance, right? You'd fleet up, jump a few systems, and titan bridge into IAS-I5 and start fragging spaceships. To Valhalla and Beyond!
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