Work Fair Posting Guidelines.

For recruitment adverts from other corporations or communities.
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Any corporations or communities are welcome to advertise on this forum, although we reserve the right to remove advertisements from hostile parties. Make sure the name of your corporation or community is in the subject, and ensure you provide information on your active times and any requirements for joining.
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Work Fair Posting Guidelines.

Post by Bashir »

From the Forum description:
Tips for recruiting: Include the full name of your corporation in the thread subject, active times and language if not English, and remember to list any requirements and typical activities your corporation is involved in in the first post. Explain what has been going on in corp, then link things, rather than posting empty links/comments.

Note: Threads with no activity for 90 days will automatically be deleted, and E-UNI reserves the right to remove adverts by hostile parties.
Essentially keep your posts relevant and on-topic. Simple "bumping" comments may see your thread locked.

In the past there have been alumni posting on each others' threads that have gotten into arguments and trolling. I'm sure you all know better than to partake in this kind of activity again.

If you wish to schedule a recruitment Q&A session on Mumble please contact myself or any other senior management or director and we'll help you get set up. Please note that these sessions are to discuss the merits and opportunities of your corps and not that of any others or of E-UNI.

HR Directors and Managers may contact myself or any other Director as needed for any other information or clarifications involving recruitment and our forum policy.
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