Post 2017.02.15 05:46

Exit-Strategy, AUSTZ WH space

Exit-Strategy is an established AU TZ WH PVP corp and we're looking for eager new faces to join us on our adventures through w-space!

We provide regular small gang PVP.
A c4 wormhole with c5/c2 statics.
A friendly, laid back and mature environment.
An active AUSTZ.

We're looking for eager players willing to get involved in everything WH space has to offer, we have no hard SP requirements just an enthusiasm to explore WH space.
New to WH space? doesn't matter we all were once.

We currently use discord for voice comms.
Full API will be required with no expire date, for all accounts.

If you are interested come chat in our public channel, 'Exit-Strat Public' and talk to a recruiter or send an evemail.