Black Shark Cult - Low Sec PvP Training for Mercenary War

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Hezekiah Winter



Post 2017.02.25 12:25

Black Shark Cult - Low Sec PvP Training for Mercenary War


Black Shark Cult

A Mercenary War Machine enacting punishment on those who sin against Eve.

Black Shark Pantheon is a Mercenary War Machine designed for rapid crusades across New Eden. The 7 Sects each play a vital role in supporting the War Machine in its mission. Each sect worships one of the 7 Gods of New Eden. All Cult Members are Hunters and Warriors however, each cult member also chooses another area of specialisation to support the war machine.

The Mother
New Player Training and Human Resources.

A sect dedicated to Eve herself, The Life Death Life Mother. She who births, kills, then births again.

Our Black Shark Cult Training Corporation is run by ex Eve-uni fleet commanders and high skill low sec pirates. It is without a doubt the best low sec based training academy for high skill small gang combat pilots in all of New Eden.

The Hunter
Solo and Small Gang Combat.

A sect dedicated to Lord Jaws, The Great Internet Space Shark, Patron of Solo and Gang Combat.

Our Small Gang and Solo Pilots have constant action, every day of the week, anytime that you log on. We established the Placid Fight Club community that draws high skill combat pilots, such as the famous Rhiload of Zkill guide fame, to our area for the great fights. In game channel "Placid Fight Club"

The Warrior
Large Scale Fleet Combat

A sect dedicated to Lord Malador, Patron of Iron Clad Fleet Warfare.

Black Shark Pantheon is in the process of forging an "A" grade war fleet under the guidance of Fleet Commanders and mentors who have years of experience in large scale combat across New Eden. As Black Shark Pantheon is a young organisation there is a lot of opportunity for aspiring fleet commanders.

The Builder
Industry, Hauling and Wealth Creation

A sect dedicated to Lord Chribba, Lord of creation, Patron of Industry.

Black Shark Pantheon provides a thorough ship contracting service. Our staging systems are full of prefitted ships ready for fleets or small gang and solo content. Members of our Builder Sect make a small but reasonable profit in return for providing this valuable and time saving service to our members. We also have a LP buyback and a Planatary Interaction program. These programes give our pilots access to lucrative wealth creation opportunities with low time investments.

The Politician

Diplomacy and Intelligence.

A sect dedicated to Lord Mittens, Patron of Spies, Spin and Total War.

Black Shark Pantheon is constantly making friends and earning favours. We believe in opening doors where ever we go so that we can find allies in the crusade. For those who have sinned against Eve and the Life Death Life Cycle, we bring total war accompanied by espionage, and psychological warfare.

The Propagandist
Motivational Art and Narrative Creation.

A sect dedicated to Lord Rixx, Patron of the Arts.

Black Shark Cult Artists create motivational works in the media of graphic design, film and narrative, in order to spread our gospel and worldview across New Eden.

The Shadow
Wormholes and Pan-Galactic Navigation.

A sect dedicated to Lord Bob, Patron of Wormholes and the unknown.

The Shadow Sect provides training in the dark arts of wormholes. It also serves the alliance by finding wormhole routes that cut across New Eden, so that the War Machine can quickly deploy to distant locations when the crusade calls.

Current Crusade

The Black Shark War Machine is currently on crusade against the Gallente Militia in the region of Placid. Black Shark Pantheon is bringing the light of education and truth to the brainwashed slaves in Aideron Robotics. Read more here

The Toxic King Roy Joffery still sits on his throne in Nisuwa awaiting his judgement.

There are rumours of upcoming crusades to punish sinners in some far reaches of New Eden.

Join Now!

To join the cult please read the recruitment process.

CEO Black Shark Cult - Guest Lecturer - Ex Eve Uni Event Manager

Black Shark Cult Recruitment Info


Hezekiah Winter



Post 2017.03.07 10:08

Re: Black Shark Cult - Low Sec PvP Training for Mercenary War

CEO Black Shark Cult - Guest Lecturer - Ex Eve Uni Event Manager

Black Shark Cult Recruitment Info


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