Investtan Inc. - Recruiting new industrialists!

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Investtan Inc. - Recruiting new industrialists!

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Investtan Inc. - Recruiting new industrialists!

About Us
We are small corporation of capsuleers building our own home and paving our own way through New Eden. Fond of industrial endavours without shying away from a good fight when necessary. We strongly believe in the NRDS movement, and actively try to prevent high-sec ganking.

Timezone: We are currently a mixture of EUTZ and USTZ.

Location: You will mainly find us in Amarr space close to the market with easy access to L4 missions. If we are not in Amarr, you will find us exploring and learning more about the wormhole lifestyle in our very own C1.

Who are we looking for?
In a new corp member, we are looking for active pilots that are in it for the long haul. We hope that you are willing to take an active role in our corporation by participating in fleets and other activities.
  • All SP levels are welcome - From the most experienced veterans to fresh capsuleers straight out of the AIR Labs.
  • An interest in mining and mission running, as these are our core activities and ways of making ISK to finance everything else.
  • Ability to communicate in English and a Discord account, so you can receive pings and other information. Voice is not required.
What we offer
We might not be the biggest corporation yet, but we are more than ready to offer you the following services:
  • Access to moon ore (daily pops) and ice mining with boosts and compression every weekend.
  • Free ships for new players joining making it easier to relocate and get into multiple ways of playing.
  • The opportunity to try out wormhole living in our very own C1 - also providing easier access to gas and low sec ore.
  • Buyback programs so you can easily sell your goods at competitive Jita rates in the systems we frequent the most.
  • A friendly community of pilots with mixed experience levels, where we are still learning new things about the game every day.
Sounds like something for you? Please reach out to us in-game by either applying directly to the corporation, Investtan Inc., or sending me, IGN: Sita Ghekon, a mail. Feel free to also join our Discord.

We are looking forward to flying with you!
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