Nul-Bridge Industrial Technologies — Friendly Corp Looking for New Members

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Nul-Bridge Industrial Technologies — Friendly Corp Looking for New Members

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Nul-Bridge Industrial Technologies is currently small but we’re looking to grow and we're currently actively recruiting both rookie and experienced pilots.

At the moment we’re (mostly) based in high-security space with occasional forays into low-sec. In time, and as resources allow, we’ll look at developing and building our low-sec operations, but at the moment, we’re sticking with what we know best.

The reputation of our corporation is important to us - so we try to be polite and friendly, both to each other and to others in local (we don’t do griefing etc).

Our ethos and style are to play in a relaxed, co-operative and supportive way and we’re social, friendly and non-judgemental (we aim to be welcoming to women, disabled people and LGBTQ friendly).

We have zero tolerance for any kind of misogyny, racism, homophobia or other discriminatory attitudes. We also take a very dim view of pilots who attempt to cheat via illegal task automation (known as ‘botting’).

In terms of what we do do in New Eden, we lean towards mining (ice and all ores), PI (Planetary Interaction), industry, production and particularly shipbuilding. We also do PvE (Player vs Environment) and some scanning and exploration.

We have an extensive library (gradually growing in size) of over 100 BPOs (most fully optimised), with BPCs, available on request, to all corp pilots, either for free or at the nominal reproduction cost. Feel free to ask us for the BPO list once you’ve joined, but it includes ships like the Covetor, the Venture, the Miasmos and the Vexor as well as various modules and ammo etc.

We offer a buy-back scheme for ores and other items (subject to available funds) which pays out at around 90% of the Jita price. It saves the hassle of hauling stuff to market and we’ll buy pretty much anything you have.

Our tax rate is a very reasonable and low 5%.

In terms of our long-term focus, this is firmly on becoming one of the best, most welcoming and awesome corporations out there, whatever our size - our inspiration is corporations like Eve University.

Our plan is to be a corporation that will always be committed to welcoming and helping rookies adjust to the complexities of Eve but one that also exists as a co-operative of hardened EVE veterans who work and play together, primarily to have fun, but to be, where we can, a force for good in New Eden.


★ Rookie and New Pilot Friendly
★ Social, Friendly, Inclusive
★ Mining, PI + Industry
★ Missioning + PvE
★ BPO Library - Low Cost or Free BPCs on request
★ Buy-Back Scheme
★ Low Tax Rate: 5%
Mu'ad Diib
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Nul-Bridge Industrial Technologies

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