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Walmart Greeters - USTZ nullsec corp

Posted: 2022.06.15 02:19
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!

Walmart Greeters is a Nullsec corporation operating in the USTZ as part of the Flying Dangerous alliance. The grammar of our alliance name is perfectly correct in American english.

If you're a Newbro or returning vet or some freakish hybrid, what you'll find is a relaxed community where you can take part in all the opportunities SOV Null offers.

We offer a social discord and Mumble. Our coalition calls fleets on a regular basis, offering a variety of fleet doctrines. PvP opportunities are frequent in our space, from solo and small gang up through giant TiDi shi..., umm, "fun"fests.

In terms of PvE, our alliance has a well-established industrial infrastructure. We offer reprocessing, manufacturing, research and reactions in our industry hub.

We have weekly moon pops, including R64. We offer a buyback program on all reprocessed moon goo, and many other harvested resources. Low tax POCO's for lucrative PI.

Join us on discord ( ... 1514352680)
or our in-game chat "Walmart Greeters"

Corporation applications open as well.

Re: Walmart Greeters - USTZ nullsec corp

Posted: 2022.09.16 02:32
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
3 months later and there is peace in the south (for now)! Calling all USTZ players to come join Walmart Greeters in our nullsec space. We have everything a shopper could possibly want, from bloody systems on the borders perfect for PvP to quiet systems ideal for PvE and industry away from the front lines.

We run regular fleets for PvP, and have frequent moon mining opportunities in our space. There are no activity requirements.

We do have all of the bells and whistles any major nullsec alliance in this game has:
  • frequent pvp opportunities large and small;
  • Industry hub with manufacturing, reactions, research, etc.;
  • Ship Replacement Program for organized fleets;
  • Capital Ship incentives;
  • new/rusty player guidance;
  • active Mumble channels;
  • Buyback program;
  • Access to markets in nullsec and jump freighter services.
Join our recruitment channel in-game: Walmart Greeters
Or our discord:

Are you active in some other timezone?? Have no fear, Flying Dangerous alliance has a thriving Australian timezone community (Weaponised Vegemite) and a strong EUTZ group (in other Flying Dangerous corporations).