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Is WR0NG right for you?

Posted: 2022.03.01 06:43
by El-Bee Leblanc
Hey there!

Wanna join a shitty null sec alliance? -- Correction, wormhole alliance ... for now.

Wanna get pinged in Russian at all hours of the day and night? -- Correction, no more Russian pings, but pings still occur.

Wanna have the most convoluted set of blues and bluetrals outside of PAPI? -- Correction, no blues, no gods, no masters.

Wanna contribute to the absolutely shittiest killboard in New Eden? -- Still valid.

Wanna slowly go broke smashing yourself against blobs of hostile ships?

If you answered “yes!” to any of those questions … seek help. But also, join WR0NG!

What we offer:
  • The worst FCs you’ve never heard of.
  • Pings for fleets you can’t go on. -- Correction, pings for stupid shit and when people are bored.
  • The worst advice given to you by over confident but grossly misinformed low SP players.
  • A JF service. -- Cancelled.
  • Some free ships … Some, not all… and only until we go broke. -- Cancelled
  • ■■■■ talking on Discord.
  • A buyback system for loot and whatever. -- Cancelled
  • Industry stuff? I dunno. -- Cancelled
  • Memes.
  • We drop dreads on stuff from time to time. -- Clarification, once we get them out of asset safety.
  • We have a strict RL comes first policy, no “divorce your wife and sell your dog red pen must attend” CTAs
What we’re looking for:
  • A pulse.
  • A microphone and the willingness and ability to use said microphone.
  • Be of legal age. No minors.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Not take yourself or the game too seriously.
  • If you are new-ish, a willingness to learn via explosion.
  • If you are a bitter vet, a willingness to mentor those learning via explosion.
  • Corporations welcome!
  • Alliances to join the Cockroach Coalition in Esoteria! -- This did not age well.
Listen, we need the people, our standards are low… like really low. Join WR0NG today!

Re: Is WR0NG right for you?

Posted: 2022.12.19 23:31
by El-Bee Leblanc
Still recruiting! Individual pilots! Corporations! Alliances to live in Esoteria in the Cockroach Coalition!

Re: Is WR0NG right for you?

Posted: 2023.05.23 03:47
by El-Bee Leblanc
Still recruiting ... we've gone through some changes.