CONTRARATIO - We’re different

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CONTRARATIO - We’re different

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Contra ratio is not like any other corporation in the game. Our goals are not the same as the other corps, our players are not the same as the other corps, and our expectations are not the same as the other corps. We’re just built different on a fundamental level and it shows, with every milestone we accomplish.

Here are the fundamentals behind our success:

- We DEVOTE ourselves to the cause, above all else
- We PLAY AS A TEAM in every aspect of the game
- We PROMOTE the culture of continual improvement

Wormhole life is at our core, although we do not spend all of out time living there, frequently venturing out of our home chain for objectives. We do not "host" any pve fleets. In fact, only player shooting is organised. There are no restrictions on huffing or ratting in home system beyond common sense and your own safety measures. If you want to gather people to do something, you have to lead it on your own. This is how we operate - you are in charge of what you want to do, because following footsteps is not the way to become a great player.

In Contra Ratio you are not restricted in anything. You can do abyssals, mining, hauling, whatever you prefer. The most important part is being with community. If we're gathering for stratop you may be willing to come. There are no repercussions for missing them, but you'd like to involve yourself with our community life, we're not strangers to each other. Organized activities are usually held in US TZ, there are a few people playing in EU TZ, myself for example. We're looking to expand our active hours to all time zones to be able to employ more interesting strategies.

We mainly partake in following activities:

- Resource denial usually in small fast ships
- Covert hotdrops in bombers and cloaky cruisers
- Structure removals (POCOs, citadels, starbases)
- Wormhole griefing and evictions

We're part of the GameTheory alliance that is focused on less aggressive gameplay. If you liked our cause but doubt your abilities it is possible to join there. Our wormhole home is situated in a C4 C3/C5, with high-sec base in Altrinur. There are no hard requirements, other than general understanding of the game. If you can fly Astero/Stratios + Augoror/Drekavac, you're well suited. If you cannot - you have all the time in the world to train into these ships after joining. I gave it only as an example, because we try to be creative with that we fly, so be prepared to sit in anything below battleship size. All new doctrines get a test flight with either free ships/loaners or srp, you are not inclined to acquire expensive hulls because it was somebody's whim to fly it right here, right now.

Portal link, you can learn more there and find link to public discord, chat with recruiters etc..
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(This ad was modified from original on forums, with less text and a bit of personal details from me. If you enjoyed your stay in wormhole campus and wanted to try being with different entity and try more content, you're very welcome. I found a new home here after leaving uni due to unfortunate circumstances)
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