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Presumed Dead Enterprise

Posted: 2020.12.31 07:59
by dobbo2
Thank you for your interest in Presumed Dead Enterprises

We are on the surface an industry corp, but we take part in all parts of EVE, we have no skill point requirement and have access to NPC and SOV Null sec space. Our primary focus is making life better for our pilots. Ask us about some of our programs, such as:
-The Buyback Program (get paid today)
-The PDE Priority Program (priority at cost building)
-The Wish List Program (any ship, free)
-The PDE 401(k) (make your money make you money)

Find out more at: PDE Recruitment

Re: Presumed Dead Enterprise

Posted: 2021.04.22 18:30
by dobbo2
Recruitment is back up and running