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Outfit 418 - Wormhole Corp

Posted: 2020.09.21 20:04
by IvorRama
Congratulations, you've graduated from Eve University!

What next?

Join a Null Sec alliance and press F1 when told?
Move to Lo Sec and sit in a gate camp?
Stay in Hi Sec and wait until someone ganks you?


Traverse the infinite complexities of J space!

A forever shifting web of possibilities!

Outfit 418 are a wormhole corporation of new, veteran and returning players. Relaxed but organised.

We are looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated pilots ready to plumb the depths of the unknown.

We offer:

Regular Small to Medium sized PvP fleets (SRP available)
C5/C6 fleet ratting (250+ million ISK/hour/pilot)
Constant solo exploration through all classes of wormhole
Support for all types of industry
Corporation buy-back programs
Plenty of help to get settled, no previous wormhole experience required

We require:

Positive, constructive and friendly attitude
No skill point minimum although highly recommended to have a covert ops frigate and cloak
Voice comms: TeamSpeak
Out of game comms: Slack

Connect in game to our public channel “418 Public” and chat to any of the Outfit 418 members. You can also send Mara Quinn or Jariti an in game message.

Public Channel: 418 Public