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UmbrellaCorp - Our Business is Life Itself

Posted: 2020.08.18 02:30
by Maui Kalkoken
We are looking to employ those with a freelancer sort of mind... We want you to do what you enjoy most in the game... and the best part, You get paid to do it. We offer weekly paychecks. We also accept donations for Research and Developement... We also will help our contributors with supplies ships or ore depending if trade routes are message me and we can talk business
We also offer Weekly paycheck depending on how much is contributed during the week
We are looking for the following members:
-WH Explorers
If you are new and don't know what you want to do or you've been playing forever and just wanna do your own thing and help us grow while doing what you enjoy doing msg me and we will show you what makes us unique