Protean Concept | USTZ | WH Corp | [RECRUITMENT OPEN]

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Protean Concept | USTZ | WH Corp | [RECRUITMENT OPEN]

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Protean Concept is a fairly new USTZ WH corp (created March of this year) and we're here to make a splash and break up the meta. We are looking to recruit some more people who are mostly PVP focused with around 20 mil SP. Current mostly active from 2200-0400.

Some things we've accomplished in the 4 months that our corp has existed:
  • 1. Are recognized by much bigger well established corps/alliances.
    2. Have fought bigger more established groups outnumbered (we always take the fight, even if we don't have the numbers to match the enemy fleet).
    3. Earned our spot to participate in the 5v5 tournament.
    4. Were Smallest corp to participate in the 5v5 tournament against groups like The Tuskers and Odin's call whom we have the utmost respect for.
    5. Our corp name alone instills fear into the trig invasion bros.
Join our Discord and/or our in game public channel "AD4PT Public", and see if we're a good fit for you.

We are not a bunch of elitist and real life always comes first.

We are Protean Concept.
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