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Art of Warfare Recruiting


The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a gaming community with over 2500 members across more than 25 games. TAW has a strong and varied background in online gaming. We are a community of gamers from all over the world who compete together with the spirit of integrity, honor and fair play. The Art of Warfare Code of Ethics can be seen here

TAW EVE members work together toward focused goals and members do as much as they can in order to support the goals of the corporation. TAW EVE is a multi-purpose, self-sustaining corporation: members mine, manufacture, fight, mission, and trade. As a result, pilots of all stripes are welcome in the TAW EVE Online Division.

It is expected that all members will contribute to PVP fleets, the common PVP defense and strategic operations, but it is understood that not all members will be as skilled-merely that they try as best they can and improve over time.

Art of Warfare Corporation is a gaming division of The Art of Warfare gaming community. The corporation is a member of White Wolves Entreprise and is affiliated with the Legacy Coalition.

**We are currently accepting applications and are actively recruiting!**
Feel free to join our discord to chat with us! We are active in the EU and US timezones.

What do we offer our members?

* A new player-friendly environment, including free ships
* Active and experienced leadership.
* 5% tax rate, corp buyback, corp store
* Null Sec PVP, PVE, Mining, Moon Mining, Corp Production
* Killmail rewards & Cash for Rats Program
* SRP for PVP operations

How do we communicate?

* Teamspeak 3 for voice comms
* Discord for texting, announcements, operations pings and more
* website, in game mail, email

What do we ask of you?

* 1 week of game time
* be active. Regular activity is important for character and corporation success and growth. Daily activity recommended.
* willingness to learn and/or help newer pilots


**How to find out more**

- visit our wiki
- email or join our discord

**To sign up**:
-Go to the TAW EVE Site
-click on **Join TAW** and follow instructions
-login on SEAT with main character and link all other characters