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[BO-LD] Small Gang PVP Corp in TEST Alliance. All TZ's!


I'm Onodor Ylkar'i. I started my Eve Career in the Uni, spending time at both the LSC and the NSC. After a solid start in the Uni, I opted to move out into Sov Null and experience a different aspect of Eve. This has ultimately lead me to where I am today, and I would like to extend an offer to any Unistas looking for a Sov Null experience to join BO-LD, a pvp focused corp with a rich history.

[BO-LD] is a close knit small gang pvp focused corp, that also has a strong industry backbone. We are now a part of the TEST Alliance, in the Legacy Coalition.

What we offer:

- Small Gang PVP
- Small Fleet PVP
- Capital Ship Small Gang PVP
- Black Ops
- Corp SRP for all activities, including Solo Roaming
- Safe Krabbing Systems
- A strong industry team, building all ships from T1 Frigates up to Titans
- A tight-knit community of players who encourage each other to improve
- FC Training Programs
- Active in all TZ's

What TEST offer:

- Large Fleet PVP
- Alliance SRP
- Large Scale Capital Ship PVP
- Very Frequent Fun Fleets

What we expect:

- A working microphone
- At least 1 Racial Frigate trained to V
- The ability to fly Interceptors and Stealth Bombers
- A positive attitude towards improvment

If you're interested in learning more about BO-LD, please feel free to get in touch with us:

BO-LD Recruitment (In-game Channel)


AUTZ - Onodor Ylkar'i / Rile Breau
EUTZ - Malvus Andedare / Doris Maricadie / Munerich -Tito- Brozovich
USTZ - Bobby Booche / Ionia Blade / Nammo