Shiva Reopens Recruitment [SHVA][NC.] - EU/US TZ

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Post 2019.05.02 16:57

Shiva Reopens Recruitment [SHVA][NC.] - EU/US TZ


Hello, and thank you for your interest in Shiva corporation. We are a sov-nullsec based corporation and part of Northern Coalition. [NC.]. We are a PvP Corporation, and are predominantly focused in EU and US timezones.

We are pleased to announce that after a bit of a hiatus, we are once again opening recruitment to EVE University members.

About Us

Shiva was established in 2006 and has been a key part of most major conflicts since. For the first part of it's life, under ex-CEO Zedone, it was part of Morsus Mihi, a core fighting force within the original Northern Coalition (the coalition, not the alliance!) after the demise of Band of Brothers.

After Morsus Mihi, Shiva enjoyed success as a nomadic fighting force, and was a founding member of The Retirement Club alliance, which specialized in deploying deep behind any lines as a medium-size disruption force which punched well above it's weight with our formidable supercapital force.

Thereafter we joined Nulli Secunda, and then on to our current home in Northern Coalition. alliance under our current CEO Nituspar, who went on to become an FC of some renown, including leading the Nulli and NC Alliance Tournament teams in some notable matches.

Shiva has shed blood in almost every major conflict in New Eden's history. It is a quiet badge of honour that it was a Shiva titan which died first in both the Battles of B-R5RB and X47L-Q.

Nowadays Shiva continues its tradition of being a long-time home for it's members by virtue of our close knit group, and continue to be leaders in what we do. There are several prominent members from the community who can trace their history to, or are currently in, Shiva, including CSM member and FC Killah Bee.

Fun Fact: Shiva corporation suffers from an old voodoo curse since time immemorial, and you will not see any titan deployment which doesn't feature a 'Shiva bump'; i.e. one of our titans bumps at near light speed and ends up miles away from the rest of the fleet. (Trust us, it happens way too often...).

What Can You Expect From Us?

Shiva is a mature corporation which prides itself on maintaining a drama-free environment (most of the time!).

You can expect top banter, but crucially, you can expect a stable learning environment where you learn about more technical elements of the game. You will be amongst some of the most technically knowledgeable players in the game when it comes to mechanics (sometimes very obscure ones).

It is also a great place to learn the evolving capital ships meta, though of course this will not be demanded of you in the near term.

What We Expect From You

Shiva has recently relaxed it's recruitment requirements somewhat, and we geneerally expect:

    * Good PVP track record, on an API verified killboard (zkill etc)
    * Mumble and a microphone; we also use Discord for most corp communications.
    * Active participation in corporation or alliance operations
    * One vouch/sponsor that has been in Shiva for 6 months (Note: For E-UNI Students Only: A recent testimonial from Uni Management or Staff will be acceptable, we can work with you to help secure this).
    * Provide full read only ESI access for all accounts for the application and duration of employment.
    * Be subject to a trial period of up to 1-3 months depending on performance.

    * The above requirements may be relaxed on a case by case basis; we're after good people and players who will have a lasting contribution to our corp, not just filler numbers.

Additionally, in the long term (the definition of which can be flexible), you will be encouraged to work towards having an alt who can fly a Force Auxilliary ship as a minimum.

As a guideline, you will fit in better if you:

    * Can fly some of our doctrines - at the moment Shield HACs is very popular, with big emphasis on Basilisk as Logi, though we use Command Destroyers (booshers) in almost every fleet, along with dictors (Sabres primarily but you can fly your flavour if you like).

    * Are ISK independent -while we are a sov-null holding alliance, we do deploy on PVP operations often. We can offer ISK making support and guidance, but the more self reliant you are, the better. The alliance operates an excellent SRP program for all ships (including capitals) and often cheaper *gimmick* roams run by the FCs may have free hand out ships too.

    * Are willing to learn and improve - there's always something new to learn in EVE and if you make that part of your self-development, you will probably do well.


Please feel free to ask a question here, or speak with us on our Corp Discord - which is also where you go to start the application process.

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Post 2019.05.16 02:13

Re: Shiva Reopens Recruitment [SHVA][NC.] - EU/US TZ

Shiva, has been and always will be a great home.

I've come and gone from eve many times, but Shiva has been a constant for me.

Shiva was the first place in null where I really cut my teeth as a new player.

It was in Shiva I got to build my first station many years ago.

It was here I was trusted with running an alliances worth of combat logistics.

And where I tortured many a person with my old school POS gun batteries.

But as the mechanics of EVE have changed and the corp has moved from place to place, the feeling of home I have here has stayed constant.

Find your home in EVE, join Shiva
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Post 2019.05.24 20:05

Re: Shiva Reopens Recruitment [SHVA][NC.] - EU/US TZ

I started my pvp career in Pandemic Horde and stayed for over two years. When a friend asked if I wanted to join him in Shiva I took the plunge and never felt sorry for it since.
We got a really good infrastructure and community. People are helpful and just about any questions will get an answer pretty quick (or a pointer toward the right direction).
If you join up, be ready to be somewhat independent and think for yourself since we aren't really newbean friendly. Be the content you want for yourself.




Post 2019.06.03 16:30

Re: Shiva Reopens Recruitment [SHVA][NC.] - EU/US TZ

If any of you have been following nullsec news, you will be aware that the North has been invaded by Goonswarm and their assorted supporting alliances (the 'Imperium' coalition).

Their stated objective is to destroy the territories belonging to Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition., namely Tribute, Tenal, and Vale of the Silent.

From the outset, we in the North knew we would be facing a fairly difficult battle. Combining the manpower of the 49,000 character strong Imperium, with their current allies in Legacy Coalition (38,000 characters) and Dead Coalition (14,000), we in the Panfam coalition (24,000 characters strong) knew we would be vastly outnumbered.

It became clear that we would not be able to engage in a toe-to-toe battle against the vastly numerically superior forces against us, and with that understanding came an acceptance that the space we held would be lost, however we would bleed the enemy dearly for what they took from us.

We began bide our time, waiting for critical opportunities where we could turn things around and win decisive battles.

A pair of these battles are shared below:

The Battle of 15W-GC

Fleetcom Battle Report Link

Forces Involved:

Panfam Coalition and Allies (338 Pilots)
149 Ship losses (18.1b ISK total)
Efficiency: 77.0%


Imperium Coalition (723 Pilots)
359 Ship losses (60.6b ISK total)
Efficiency: 23.0%

Brief Summary:

NC and Shiva FC Killah Bee noticed that an Imperium Megathron fleet was attacking NC structures in the system of 15W-GC in Tribute. This was just outside the range of the Imperium supercapital armada, which had moved in to KQK1-2 in Pure Blind as part of the Imperium's overall invasion plan.

Thinking fast, Killah Bee formed a Northern Coalition. Muninn fleet, and notified allies in Pandemic Horde to do the same.

Tactically speaking, the Muninn heavy assault cruiser is considered small and fast enough to evade the tracking of most battleship long-range platforms. The Imperium Megathron fleets were composed of 425mm Railgun Megathrons and Beam Laser webbing/neuting Bhaalgorns for support.

The way to make this work would be for the Muninn's to fly near enough to the Megathron fleet to out-track the railguns by having a higher angular velocity than they would be able to track. At the same time, they would also have to ensure that the Muninns were not near enough to the Megathron fleet for the Bhaalgorn neuts and webs to wreak havoc.

NC. Muninns entered the field first while Pandemic Horde were still forming. With the artillery firepower that Muninns are able to employ, the goal was to remove 1 enemy ship per volley (i.e. no wasted shots).

The Muninns set to work, deleting enemy battleships with their deadly fire. The Imperium fleet sensed they were in trouble and began to ping for reinforcement fleets in KQK1-2, their staging system, to bring in their own support in the form of Eagle heavy cruisers.

By this time the Pandemic Horde Muninn fleet managed to transit into system and between the two fleets, the Megathron fleet was quickly shredded, while taking comparatively light losses in return (though this included an error by the FCs later on which got a few logistics cruisers killed on a gate).

Finally, when massed Imperium Eagles began swarming into the system with the objective to overwhelm them, the Muninn fleets withdrew, having concluded a relatively bloody struggle, and to leave the Imperium forces to their churlish task of reinforcing a structure, once more.

The Battle of WH-JCA

Fleetcom Battle Report

Forces Involved:

Panfam Coalition and Winter Coalition Allies (900 Pilots)
305 Ship losses (51.7b ISK total)
Efficiency: 62.9%


Imperium Coalition and Legacy Coalition (1200 Pilots)
735 Ship losses (87.8b ISK total)
Efficiency: 37.1%

Brief Summary:

Imperium forces managed to successfully reinforce the Infrastructure Hub ("ihub" for short) for SH1-6P, which is the primary staging system of the Panfam Coalition and where their supercapital fleet is also housed.

This was a significant event because should the ihub be successfully destroyed, it would result in all strategic upgrades in the system being turned off; the most notable of which is the systemwide cynosural jammer, which is presently preventing Imperium Coalition from bringing in their significantly greater supercapital fleet directly into tactical set pieces in the Panfam staging system (they are still able to come in via regular gates, however given the lack of being able to choose the combat grid, this is considered an unfavourable tactic, even when fielding grossly superior numbers.

The Imperium understood the importance of this full well, and both sides began a period of hyping the timer to maximize participation. Legacy Coalition led by TEST Alliance quietly confirmed they intended to attend to assist Imperium (bringing together all the entities of the mega-coalition Imperial Legacy, or Tapirium), and accordingly Winter Coalition also confirmed with Panfam Coalition that they would attend on their side, led by Elo Knight in Fraternity.

Sovereignty battles (currently known as 'Fozziesov') in EVE consist of Command Nodes spawning throughout the constellation of the target system (in this case the 52-JKU constellation in Tribute). Individual ships can fit an Entosis Module which can then be used to gain control of the Command Nodes (also called 'toasting'). Each successful node capture either works toward or against the defender; at 100% the target system sovereignty is safe, at 0% the ihub is destroyed.

Panfam determined that the best way to win the battle against superior opposition numbers would be to deny them entry into the constellation. With cynosural jammers in effect closing off most routes in, there were only 2 real ways for Imperium forces to enter the constellation to gain access to the nodes; either by gating into D7-ZAC from H-W9TY, or via 3A1P-N in NPC Venal, and then gating into Q-CAB (an outlier system but still within the constellation) into WH-JCA.

Panfam decided that the best places to defend would be either D7-ZAC, or WH-JCA, depending on the route the Imperium forces took. The battle plans laid out, it became clear that Imperium intended to enter via 3A1P-N, and so the defensive forces arrayed themselves in WH-JCA.

Panfam's fleet consisted of Eagle heavy assault cruisers, with Winter Coalition supporting with Muninns. 20 High Angle Weapon ('HAW') Dreadnoughts were also deployed in range of the in-gate that Imperium forces were coalescing on the other side of, as well as a small bomber and smartbombing ('chemo') Machariel and Legions gang. There were approximately 700 pilots.

Imperium forces consisted of Megathrons and Bhaalgorns again and an overflow Harpy asault frigate fleet, with Initiative and TEST Alliance operating Stuka/Goku bomber fleets (on-grid bombers that do not cloak like traditional bombers, and instead rely upon afterburners and MJD cruisers for mobility). Imperium had additionally moved their supercapitals into range. Imperium forces numbered 900 subcap pilots, and a further 300 supercapitals.

Imperium forces jumped into system and the battle commenced. The Eagles and Muninns focused fire on clearing battleships and assorting support ships, which the HAW Dreadnoughts focused purely on whittling down Bhaalgorn numbers, killing them off one by one.

Early on in the conflict the Panfam chemofleet struck a deadly blow, deleting half of the TEST Alliance bomber fleet in a single maneuver, and then shortly after the Initiative Stuka fleet. With battleships dying at an alarming rate and the Harpy fleet all but decimated, Imperium commanders made the decision to withdraw, and their supercapitals also withdrew back out of range of the constellation. Taking the victory cry, Panfam Coalition mass logged in their own supercapital fleet and deployed them to the field to help kill off the last stragglers remaining on the field.

It was a bloody battle, with 9 of the Panfam dreadnoughts being the majority of the loss on the Panfam side, but ultimately Panfam held the field and the SH1-6P ihub remained secure. By the time the battle ended Imperium had lost 124 battleships, and a significant number of the rest of their fleet destroyed (735 ships in total).

Note: While these battles have gone favourably, ultimately Panfam Coalition is fully aware that Tribute will be lost over time, but it is price that we are extracting from Imperium that is our goal, and with nearly 2 Trillion in total losses to the Coalition over the last two weeks since the war began (including the destruction of two Titans, numerous supercarriers, and astonishingly over 70 Rorquals in the Imperium's home region of Delve), it is clear that Panfam intends to go down fighting.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this brief scenario and it gives a bit of a snapshot of the kind of things we are up to nowadays! Anyone interested in joining, or if you have any further questions about the fights or the tactics used, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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