Post 2019.03.06 01:01

Blazing Phoenix Deep Expioration is Recruiting

Blazing Phoenix Deep Exploration is a very small Indy oriented Corp. We have recently joined an alliance and need to grow. We are setup in hi-sec at this time but starting to move to null. WHs are also an option but need to grow first.

We are a really laid back group of friends and enjoy all aspects of the Eve. We are Pacific Northwest USA based for the most part but have locked in play times. CEO is usually on from 23:00 to at least DT UTC almost everyday.

Sovereign Elite Empire -SOV- is the alliance we have joined.

Requirements are few at this time. Be friendly and able to play in a family oriented arena. Alliance has TS and Discord for comms.

If interested please join our in game channel; BPDE recruit. Come grow with us.

Chanta Zor.

Tank Ferron CEO