Post 2018.12.15 05:04

G0N3 F1SS10N - Small/Medium gang PVP


We're G0N3 F1SS10N a medium sized corporation who are all about having a good time! We live, we fly, we laugh, we die and most of all, we learn and teach.

Small Gang PVP focus! With support for:
- Moon Mining
- Industry Co-Operation
- Exploration
- Combat Site Ratting and Abyssal PVE

We're big enough that you'll never be alone and will always have folks with you to help with what you're doing; but we're also small enough that unlike the giant bureaucratic alliances, you won't get lost in the weeds! (You'll be in comms with our CEO).

- We're located in Pure Blind (Null Sec) with TONS of content
- TS3 server
- NO mandatory min fleet requirements
- Jump Freighter services to get your stuff from High Sec to Null provided by the corp

Multiple EUNI graduates and NullSec Campus alumni to help you get situated and set up.
If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reply with questions or join our channel .52.