Post 2020.05.03 16:30

Vallhalla Beta Testers


Vallhalla beta testers is a PvP corporation based out in Null sec. We accept players from brand new to Veteran. We have incentive programs and benifits to joining our corporation. As well access to your null sec mining and ratting sites to do what u please with.

Our requirments from you:
Have a mic
Auth on our alliance and corp websites
Hold a voice interview and meet corporation requirments noted during recruitment process.

What we can offer.
Plex incietives for top kills and top logi and fleet participations
Null ratting and mining sites
A friendly atmosphere to shoot stuff with.
If intreasted please join the Sovengarde__ channel in game and speak to either Justin Ijonen or Serana Deathbell

Fly dangerously o7