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Nano Conspiracy

Greetings EvE Uni,

If you are reading this, Congratulations on being a part of a prestigious body of learned and Learning. Many pilots have had Eureka Moments through these halls. I represent Nano Conspiracy, which is a small wormhole corp, a member of "Bar-code Alliance" we are a PvP focused corp, of moderate prestige. Among us are many skilled PvP pilots, and multiple time AT participators. Since the AT has just ended for the year, we are looking to expand our ranks with exceptional pilots.

What am I looking for?
First and foremost students must possess the Graduate Title to be considered, secondly students must have at least one racial cruiser to level V, Strategic Cruiser IV, and Heavy Assault Cruiser IV. One Racial Battleship to III and Probing skills are also required. Preferably a student has a good set of core skills, weaponry skills, and support skills to complement various fits that may be needed. Familiarity with any of the small gang roles, such as scout/fast tackle, light/crusier ewar, Defensive bubbler, anti-tackle, core dps, or logistics is a bonus. An ideal candidate has somewhere in the order of 20m-40m sp or more.

I am looking for serious PvP oriented pilots with discipline, good communication skills, decision making, and situational awareness. You will be flying with pilots that are very experienced, both in Tranquility as small gang, and in Tournament settings. Pro-active pilots that drum up content rather than wait for pings to log in. Most of us could lead fleets, but after a while holding the hand got old.

Our corp is hoping for US Pacific Coast TZ candidates and our prime times of operation will be from 5pm-3am every day. We are hoping that pilots will be active 2-3 days a week. We are not looking for EU pilots at this time.

What can I offer you?
Experience: The pilots in our group are vets with huge knowledge bases. We know many groups, we know how they fly, we have been in many situations, we know how they might go. We use this to our advantage.

Notability: If you continue with us the potential for you to fly in the Alliance Tournament is high if not with us with a related group, or on a vouch or practice team. You will also likely be participants in killmails that look good. People will start to fear you as a pilot or recognize you flying around.

Connections: Being vets means we know a large number of people in the community. Streamers, batphones, Content creators.

Fleet content: Will be between 3-15 people, primarily in WH, Null and sometimes Low. With Loose instructions, in a skrimish style setting where clear and concise communication and good decision making allow us to engage enemy fleets that out number us, while we escape with few losses, and a green killboard.

We have established procedures for making money, we have doctrines for various corp activities. Many of us are proactive with generating content we run on a mentality of being un-docked and doing something, together. We live in a WH with a null static, which means we can be anywhere in null sec with a few re-rolls. Our activities include carrier and ratter hunting, evictions and as we expand more options will open to us.

Candidates will be accepted on a trial basis, expected to demonstrate fitting knowledge, basic pvp knowledge, basic game mechanic knowledge and display their personality during this period to ensure a good fit.

Who might not be a good fit?
If you are looking to fly in your own capital or supercapital. This isn't the corp for you.
If you are interested in big bloc null content, with 100+ fleet fights. This isn't the corp for you.
If you have trouble with logistics. This isn't the corp for you.
If you have issues with jumping gates or periods of travel with no fast action. This isn't the corp for you.
If you think anchoring on the FC is a valid strategy. This isn't the corp for you.

If you think you have what we are looking for, or even if you are not sure but think you might have what it takes Please get into contact with me IGN: Sonic Mulder
Blood Ruin
or join us on discord