Post 2018.06.13 20:14

Interstellar Booty Hunters

Interested in pirating, having a great time doing some fun PVP and maybe drinking some rum at the same time?

Booty is looking for new members!

Speaking like a pirate in coms is not mandatory but highly encouraged.

As a corp, we're interested in having fun AND getting better at PVP.

So join us on a roam or two to have a laugh, get some great experience and hone your PVP skills.

Questions? Join the Booty Tiki Bar channel in game, or message Hank Asanari for the "used to be in the uni" perspective or Maximillian Bonaparte for the "CEO" perspective in-game.

Scheduled low sec and nul sec roams roams three times at 1:00 eve time (8:00pm central US).

5 mill sp minimum. Ships available on loan to those in need.