✯✯ Alwar Fleet ✯✯ UK/EU TZ, PVP Lowsec, Null, FW

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Saucy Swag



Post 2018.06.04 20:11

✯✯ Alwar Fleet ✯✯ UK/EU TZ, PVP Lowsec, Null, FW

Alwar Fleet Website: https://www.alwarfleet.com/
Federation Uprising Public Discord: http://bit.ly/FEDUPublic

75% EU Timezone
23% North American Timezone
2% Random Australians

Made up of around 80 members, we pride ourselves on being a small but highly active group as part of Federation Uprising and the Legacy Coalition. We engage mostly in null-sec PVP, but regularly forward deploy to low-sec to support the Gallente Federation and her allies in the Minmatar Republic when the need arises.

Our goal is to maintain a group of solid, close-knit PVP pilots and to aggressively pursue PVP in regular small fleet operations. We presently live in the null-sec region of Immensea, but also regularly forward deploy to low-sec to engage in faction warfare, meaning we have access to a wide breadth of content.

✯ Pure PVP focus,
✯ All kinds of fleet sizes, but the smaller the better,
✯ Low-sec, null-sec, and faction warfare,
✯ No krabs, no carebears.

✯ Friendly social atmosphere,
✯ We’re looking to have fun,
✯ Primarily European TZ, English speaking.

✯ ISK making opportunities - ratting, mining, etc.
✯ Great market in staging,
✯ Corp and Alliance freight,
✯ SRP on logistics and some support roles.

✯ No constant CTAs,
✯ No alarm clocking,
✯ Real life comes first.

FIND OUT MORE… https://www.alwarfleet.com/



Pilots who are new to PVP are always welcome in the corp, though are expected to be willing to join fleets and get stuck in. For all applicants however we have the following requirements:

✯ You should have at least 5 million (primarily combat) skillpoints, and
✯ 50 kills including at least 5 solo kills on your killboard (zkillboard.com)
✯ A healthy desire to PVP, and a good attitude.
✯ A working microphone which you can use when needed.

We're pretty relaxed about participation, but to ensure our playerbase remains healthy and active, we ask all applicants, prior to joining, to ensure they can:

✯ Maintain an active killboard once they’ve joined. That means that we expect to see a bare minimum of 10 kills per month from new members, with exceptions for longer term members.

FIND OUT MORE… https://www.alwarfleet.com/



When you’re ready to apply, submit an application for Alwar Fleet directly via our website:


Questions? Hit up Saucy Swag (EU), Popcorn Artwik (EU), or Gyrm (US) on Discord:


Once we’ve received your application, we’ll run through things with you and make sure we’re the right fit for you and you’re the right fit for us, plus answer any further questions that you have.

Recruitment Quiz:

Still unsure about joining? Complete our recruitment quiz to get a better idea if we’re the corp for you!

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Saucy Swag



Post 2018.10.20 14:33

Re: ✮✮ ALWAR FLEET ✮✮ Home for all EUTZ PVP pilots!

ALWAR has recently changed it's recruitment requirements as follows:

We now ask all applicants to have 5 million SP and at least 10 kills including 1 solo kill on their killboard.

Saucy Swag



Post 2019.02.22 21:59

Re: ✯✯ Alwar Fleet ✯✯ UK/EU TZ, PVP Lowsec, Null, FW

Updated with some new details.

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