✯✯ [ALWAR] Alwar Fleet ✯✯ UK/EU TZ, Pure PVP

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Post 2018.06.04 20:11

✯✯ [ALWAR] Alwar Fleet ✯✯ UK/EU TZ, Pure PVP

Alwar Fleet Website: https://www.alwarfleet.com/
Federation Uprising Discord: http://bit.ly/Fed_UP

Alwar Fleet is a corporation specialising in small fleet operations and privateering in low-sec and null-sec on behalf of the Gallente Federation.

We are an EU Timezone PVP corporation,

with a small but active group of players in the US Timezone,

and for over a year now have been a part of Federation Uprising 15 [FEDUP], the biggest and best Alliance in faction warfare with over 750 members.

One of the strongest EU corporations in faction warfare, and made up of around 100 members, our goal is to maintain a group of professional, close-knit PVP pilots and to take part in regular small fleet operations in both low-sec against the Caldari State and in null-sec against the groups there who threaten us.

Our focus is small fleet operations - roaming fleets, gatecamps and ganks, to larger objective-focussed warfare and faction warfare system sieges. We like to get involved in the widest array of PVP content we can in a way that is easily accessible to all members of the corporation.

Fleets are often kept reasonably priced and reasonably small (anywhere from 2-25 man) with a focus on smaller ships such as T1-T3 frigates, destroyers and cruisers – though experienced or just plain dirty rich pilots will always have the opportunity to play with their blingy toys…

FIND OUT MORE… https://www.alwarfleet.com/



You have the opportunity to to take part in the best kind of low-sec PVP - faction warfare, as well as smaller-scale null-sec content, and as part of a committed, active corporation which will give you the freedom to have fun, and also provide you with the opportunities which being in an established Alliance like FEDUP can bring:

✯ Pure PVP focus, nightly corp and Alliance fleets.
✯ A wide variety of low-sec and null-sec content (including sov),
✯ Mining, industry and freight opportunities,
✯ Loyalty point exchange scheme and ratting opportunities,
✯ A dirt cheap, reliable internal courier-freight service,
✯ A very well stocked market in low-sec, and doctrine contracts elsewhere.
✯ No nightly CTAs, no participation counters, no alarm clocking, no nonsense.

FIND OUT MORE… https://www.alwarfleet.com/



Pilots who are new to PVP are always welcome in the corp, though are expected to be willing to join fleets and get stuck in. For all applicants however we have the following requirements:

✯ You should have at least 5 million (primarily combat) skillpoints, and
✯ 10 kills including at least one solo kill on your killboard (zkillboard.com)
✯ A healthy desire to PVP, and get involved in fleets.
✯ A good attitude towards other players and the game.
✯ A working microphone which you can use when needed.

That’s it! These requirements ensure you as a member will be able to hop some of the ships we need you in from day one, and the kill requirement ensures that you have some basic experience of PVP and an interest in doing more of it.

We're pretty relaxed about participation, but to ensure our playerbase remains healthy and active, we ask all applicants, prior to joining, to ensure they can:

✯ Maintain a reasonably active killboard once they’ve joined. That means that we expect to see you in at least one fleet per week.

FIND OUT MORE… https://www.alwarfleet.com/



When you’re ready to apply, submit an application for Alwar Fleet directly via our website:


Questions? Hit up Saucy Swag (EU), Popcorn Artwik (EU), or Gyrm (US) on Discord:


Once we’ve received your application, we’ll run through things with you and make sure we’re the right fit for you and you’re the right fit for us, plus answer any further questions that you have.

Recruitment Quiz:

Still unsure about joining? Complete our recruitment quiz to get a better idea if we’re the corp for you!

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Post 2018.10.20 14:33

Re: ✮✮ ALWAR FLEET ✮✮ Home for all EUTZ PVP pilots!

ALWAR has recently changed it's recruitment requirements as follows:

We now ask all applicants to have 5 million SP and at least 10 kills including 1 solo kill on their killboard.

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