Post 2018.04.13 04:01

Looking for Miners and PVPers

Rags2Riches Mining and Shipping is recruiting! We're a friendly mining and industry corp located in npc nullsec. We as a corporation offer many opportunities for players who join our ranks! We are not here just to play a game, we're here to make good friends and of course make that isk. We pride ourselves on the comradery amongst our corp and alliance members and are firm believers in our No Hazing policy. Currently we're really looking for omega pilots atm due to our size and location but may accept alphas in some special cases. We're mainly an industrial corp but we're starting to step out and pvp as much as we can so any pvpers are happily welcomed. Here are some of the things we offer:

-Ore Buyback (Jita Based)

-Salvage Buyback (Jita Based)

-Fleet mining ops with Mining boosters.

-Moon Mining

-Low Tax rate


-PVP Roams With Our Blues

-TS3 for Comms and Discord for Pings

Within R2R we don't overlook players, Your success is the corporations success and we reward success. If you are interested in joining, Drop by our recruitment channel. R2RMS Recruitment or send myself (Fig Newten) a mail ingame.