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Shas Hakomairos



Post 2018.03.01 23:45

WeebFleet [SENP]<AI.> - Amarr FW

Ohaiyō unistas. Weebfleet from the Tsundere Triad alliance is recruiting!.

Are you an anime fan? Do you feel disjointed and unwelcome by some people? Well we're the perfect corp for you. That's not to say we only take anime fans, you just have to not care about anime memes (animemes). We are a factional warfare alliance that lives in lowsec that has an active warzone to fight in and mining/indy opportunities.
Services and benefits
-Website for op board, fittings, and other services.
-Logistics service to move freight between jita and our home constellation.
-Members of the Amarrian Millitia which gives access to mission agents and easily found pvp.
-Ore and pve buyback programs available.
-Home pocket contains easily accessed l1-l4 agents, with l5 nearby.
-Citadels equipped with manufacturing and refinery services.
-Moon Mining Athanors.
-Lowsec constellation with active pvp groups nearby, null and highsec regions with short commute.
-Senpai will notice you.

-TS3 for comms
-Full API, no expiry for services.
-Either a love or tolerance for anime.

How to Join
a) Join the Weebfleet in game channel and talk to one of the recruiters there.
b) Join our public discord (https://discord.gg/uhnR2PK) and ask in general chat. Someone will talk to you.

Kalen Tsero



Post 2018.03.03 06:41

Re: WeebFleet [SENP]<AI.> - Amarr FW

As weeb-in-chief, I endorse this message :P
Ex-Mentor, Ex-Titles Officer, Ex-Ensign, Ex-WHC Education Officer, Graduate, ECM Teacher, "At least it was cap stable", "Please jam me", "The Jerk We Need"


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