Post 2018.01.18 18:19

Rags 2 Riches Mining & shipping

Welcome to Rags to Riches Mining and Shipping,

We are a friendly mining and industry corp. We welcome new, old, Omega, and even Alpha pilots! We as a corporation offer much for players who are willing to join. We are not here just to help offer you training but to offer a sense of comradery among players. we offer many benefits for those willing to join some of these include:

-Ore Buyback with competitive pricing.

-Salvage Buyback with competitive pricing.

-Fleet mining ops with Mining boosters.

-Moon mining fleets.

-ice mining fleets.

-A diverse mix of industrial and mining backgrounds that can set you on the path to success!

-Alliance backed regular PVP fleets.

-Low Tax rate.

-Regular PVE fleets.

-Corp and Alliance Discord servers.

-Milk & Cookies.

Within R2R we don't overlook players, Your success is the corporation's success and we reward success. If you are interested in joining, Drop by our recruitment channel. R2RMS Recruitment