Post 2017.10.31 19:05

Intergalactic Federation of Commerce - We want/need you!

We are a new corporation looking for trustworthy people to fill vital roles in the establishment of a new corporation including but not limited to: Executives, Directors, Officers, Recruiters.

Our corporation is separated by different tasks. You will decide in which area you would like to start. You are not locked into this position and you may acquire different roles within the corporation.

Home Station: Piekura VII - Moon 1 - Ytiri Storage
Commerce.Federation is our public recruitment channel

  • Miners
  • Transporters
  • Traders
  • Manufacturers
  • Researchers
  • Security
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Pirateers

Corporate Management:
  1. CEO
  2. Executives
  3. Officers
  4. Directors
  5. Members

  1. Full API Key (Don't know what that means, Relax we can walk you through it.)
  2. Discord
  3. Willingness to help make our corporation great!
  4. Want to be rich beyond measure

Contact Ragnoroka Standsproud in-game for more information
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