Post 2017.10.23 03:06

Cthulhu calls the worthy

We’d like to invite you to apply to the Unholy Knights of Cthulhu (UKOC) which is a sov holding nullsec corp that is part of Test Alliance Please Ignore.

We provide lots of advantages.

- Veteran Players
- Great PVE opportunities
- Micro-blob and small gang pvp
- Large Coalition Fleets
- Very laid back atmosphere
- Players with Lives and Responsibilities
- Historic Corp
- Capital Hulls at reduced prices
- Team atmosphere.


- Be active in game, discord, jabber (pings) and Mumble
- Contribute to the Corp in some way.
- 5m Skill Points

Our philosophy is to have as much fun as possible, which means we fight hard, we rat hard, we mine hard, and we welp hard. Just remember the Golden Rule never undock in something you cannot afford to lose. Join UKOC and you will learn everything you’ll need to know about SOV NULL and Bloc Warfare.

Remember never get caught with your koc out!

Our Wiki: ... of_cthulhu