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Calling all AUTZ PvP Pilots - TRYRM is Recruiting!

TEST is Recruiting!

Who we are:
We are Row Row Fight The Power [TRYRM], and we are an AUTZ pvp corp within TEST Alliance Please Ignore [TEST].

Our corp focus is primarily on PvP. You are of course free to mine and rat, and we offer premium nullsec space, however we do not run Corp ratting ops, we do not run Corp mining ops. We are a bunch of Australian/Kiwi lads that strive to provide AUTZ content for all PvP pilots. I am myself a TEST Skirmish FC, our CEO Sajuukthanatoskar is a TEST Strategic FC. We welcome pilots at all skill levels - so long as you are looking to PVP, from flying a free Atron to hot-dropping a Dreadnaught, we will strive to provide for you every need.

We are a member of TEST Alliance, and as an Alliance, we have been a major party of every major nullsec war for the past year. We have gone head to head with the two largest military organizations in EVE's history. In the past 12 months, we fought in:
-World War Bee against Goonswarm and Allies
-The Tribute War against the entirety of Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition and their assorted Allies
-The Southern War against the Stain Wagon Alliance and Goonswarm once again
-The Stain campaign, in which we dismantled and destroyed Stainwagon - one of the longest standing alliances in the game
-The War in Catch, a series of non-stop and ongoing skirmishes against Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition in Catch, making it the most active PVP region in the game
-The War in the north, in which TEST Alliance deployed by itself to generate content and fight against the Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition, and once again, Pandemic Legion and Norther Coalition. We would be later joined by Goonswarm.

Are we currently at war? Of course! Right now we are engaged in a full warefare primarily against Circle-of-Two, and fighting against their allies in Triumvirate down in the south where we live. You can find TEST Alliance in the midst of ever major nullsec war, and if that's something you're interested in, well come on down!

What we offer:
- Our corp is in TEST, with all of the perks that come with that:
- Great ratting/mining space to generate income to support your PVP expenditures,
- Robust Alliance SRP (ship reimbursement program)
- Infrastructure and IT Services, including voice communication and forums

What we do:
- Bloc warefare and fleet engagements under the TEST banner
- Small roaming gang corp roams, primarily utilizing T3C with room for less skilled pilots
- AFK VNI rat so that we have isk in our wallets to blow up internet spaceships
- A well integrated AUTZ community within an Alliance, a place to hang out with fellow Aussies and Kiwis and Singaporeans and people from all over the world who play in our timezone for what ever reason
- Opportunities to grow yourself. We currently have 2 Alliance level FC, so if you're a brand newbro looking to get into the thick of it, this is the place for you.

What we ask of you:
- Full integration. We require full API keys for all accounts you own.
- A working microphone.
- Participation on our forums, our jabber, our mumble, or our discord. We are part of TEST, an Alliance formed out of the Reddit Community, so we are of course all prolific shitposters, and we want you to shit post with us!
- PvP activity. We are a tight-knit corp and have no set activity requirements, however we are monitoring our corp member's activities on a case by case basis. There are guys who we've kicked because they are always ratting/mining during fleets, and there are guys still in the corp after being afk for 5 months because we are mates and they needed time away from the game for Uni/work/family. We are an understanding bunch, however at our core we are an PvP corp, and we are looking for other PvP pilots to pew pew with us.

Where do I sign up?:
- Visit TEST's Wiki:
- Come chat with us in our public channel 'TRYRMPublic'
- Talk to our recruiters privately, feel free to convo 'Cpt Soban'
- Follow the Wiki's instructions, and JOIN TEST TODAY!