Filthy Peasants - Low Sec PvP - US and Weekend TZ

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Post 2017.09.05 00:04

Filthy Peasants - Low Sec PvP - US and Weekend TZ


Filthy Peasants is recruiting for low sec PvP! We're a small-gang focused corp, living in Solitude. We're mostly USTZ, and very active on the weekends.

Recently had a fight against e-uni, written up by Yuri: ... 47#p873247

Was a lot of fun, and we wanted to recruit some from e-uni!

We have a 10m sp requirement, but are very open to waiving that, especially for e-uni recruits.

If you're interested, join our channel: Open Filth
Or check out our recruitment post: ... ting/14540
Or get in touch with me, MasterGlorfy.

Yuri Levnik



Post 2017.09.05 00:58

Re: Filthy Peasants - Low Sec PvP - US and Weekend TZ

Thanks for the fight last week, y'all! Always nice to have someone to brawl with down in Solitude. I'm sure we'll be seeing y'all again...

For those who didn't read the AAR yet, the Filthy Peasants have BC fleets and caps down in Solitude, so if you're looking to upgrade from T1 Cruisers these guys are worth a look.

Fly dangerously,

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