Post 2018.09.07 02:28

Nullsec recruitment

Hey guys,

I am a former Eve University member and a member of Test Alliance. I have recently got involved in our Corp, Machiavellian Empire recruitment. I volunteered to get involved with Eve Uni since I was a member to see if I can help make the easy move from graduating from eve uni to null sec life easy. Our Corp is recruiting and currently live in esoteria. Machiavellian Empire (Mace1) is I would say 70 % Indy focused and 30% pvp/other. Since becoming a part of test and mace1 I have realized this is the place for me after moving several times after making the jump from eve uni to a nullsec alliance/Corp. we have everything you can offer in eve along with cap building cap ratting rorq mining subcap mining and ratting along with some of the best FC out there. If you have though about graduating from eve university and want to talk more about null sec life and life outside of eve uni feel free to hit me up. We can do a group convo with several of our officers so you can hear us talk and get to know us. Feel free to pm me in game character: mike shlecton