Post 2017.07.05 22:24

Jaded. is recruiting, help us be less bad! - C4 (C2/C5) -

Jaded, Multi-timezone WH PVP Corp is recruiting.

We're a small / medium sized corp, and while we may not be the best, or win the most fights, or be the most ISK positive on zkillboard, we do have fun.
We do things together. We do all manner of things together infact, from shooting stuff in Nullsec to farming our C5 static, gas huffing, mining, "camping highsec wormholes" to weekend ops in enemy systems we do it all.
While we are primarily a PvP corp, we do recognize that people enjoy making ISK to buy nice new ships (that they may need to replace while I was FC'ing..) and we have plenty of opportunities for all kinds of ISK making - send me your ISK and I'll double it...
So, back to the initial part, we may not be the best, but people tend to stay with us because we've got a good bunch of people. I'm not talking "elite pilots", but genuinely nice people to talk to and have a laugh with.
That's why people stay with Jaded.
If you're looking to be handed pvp content 24/7 without being proactive, then we're probably not the place for you, but if you're looking for a home, you should definitely come and talk to us and see if you'd fit in.

We have all the usual stuff:
    Industry stuff
    C4 home with C2 and C5 statics
We'd like you to have:

    A working microphone
    Willingness to learn & adapt
    Full API key
    Scanning skills
    Active & a love for the game
We recommend 15m+ Skillpoints but we'll consider people with lower SP if its allocated fairly decently.
Want to learn to FC? Fly logi? We'll nurture that ambition with enthusiastic pilots ready to lose ships right along with you.

Recruiting Channel: We're Bad

Public channel: Riplomacy