Post 2017.06.20 08:42

New Eden Trade Guild: Newbro HiSec and WH Industry

Hello there!

In EVE, a lot of people like making stuff go boom. We at the New Eden Trade Guild are similarly enthused about explosions, though what brings us joy is the thought that the poor sucker who just lost his ship is going to have to buy a new one soon.

Such is the thought process that prods a lot of us into industry and the NETG is dedicated to immersing newbros and returning vets into industry. With a campus in a C2 wormhole and HiSec holdings, we cater to all manner of industry playstyles; with boosted ore/ice fleets running frequently in HiSec and gas romps frequently going down in the WH. Holding a WH necessarily requires some PvP readiness, and it is expected that our members be ready to defend our assets, but we generally have a hands-off approach and view ourselves as a collective of individuals whose interests align in making ourselves heaps of cash.

I suppose I ought espouse our main selling points, no?

-Instant 95% Jita buyback on all Ore, Salvage, Planetary Commodities, Gas and approved modules. We save you on hauling and the process of getting your stuff on the market and make a tidy profit for the corp on top.
-Full transparency; every member holds the Junior Accountant role and can analyse the transactions going on with the corp wallet at their leisure.
-A communal fleet, in the wormhole, of gas miners, mining frigates and mining barges for ops.
-A full Ship Replacement Programme covering all t1 mining ships, exploration frigates and our doctrine PvP ships.
-A fully accessible BPO library for you to copy/use in your own moneymaking plans.

Like the sound of all that? Check us out! Whether you want to spend your time munching rocks in HiSec or join us (the real men) in the wormhole, why not drop by our Discord and see how you like the guys ( Alternatively, feel free to join our ingame channel 'NE Trade Guild'