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Two Brothers Mining Corp. - US TZ, Industrialists/Miners


Join one of the Oldest Mining Corporations in EVE today, TBMC!
For new players, we can tell you that mining is a true, stable, dedicated career choice that will continue no matter what else you decide to do in EVE.

The Details:

Who are we?
We are an old corporation from the early years of EVE waking up from dormancy and looking to rebuild our community of friends. We are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, working professionals, and we want to play EVE as a game and have fun.
To that end, we will not have CTAs, we will not have mandatory ops, and we will NEVER ask you to put a game before your real life.

Who are we looking for?
We want all players, new and old, who're interested in mining and industry.

Current Areas of Operation
-High Sec
-Low Sec

Corporate Perks:

-Group Mining ops: We'll show you how to do it safely and provide the support to maximize your yield.
-Ship Construction: If you want to build it or have it built, we can help. Sure you can buy it, but its that much more special when you know it was crafted with love.

-Missions, WH space, complexes: Hey, whatever, you do you and we'll be there to help.

-We do not intend to become a PVP corporation again, but we can help you to refine your technique. Many of our older members have experience fighting through out EVE in every style from small scale gang warfare to massive null-sec brawls.

To Apply, please contact Wingman4508 or join the TBMC.Public channel in-game
Note: We do request a (temporary) Full API for acceptance.