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Jotunn Ragnarok



Post 2017.06.14 16:06

Mouth Trumpet Cavalry [MCAV.] - C5 Wormhole Corp

Who are we?

Mouth Trumpet Cavalry is a PvP wormhole corporation that is dedicated to taking as many fights as we can. We are a group of tightly knit individuals that enjoy wormhole life and flying nanogang fleets. We take pride in our fast responses, and eagerness to rush into a fight repeatedly. Our philiosophy is that "fights are fun, so lets seek more fights". Manual piloting is an important part of how our fleets operate. If this is an area you are struggling in, we will teach you. We have many veteran pilots that are always sharing knowledge with our newer pilots. We are confident you will improve as a pilot here.

We predominantly fly nanogang, this is our first choice when responding to content. We maintain several other doctrines that allow us to deal with situations that would otherwise be unfightable for our nanogang. We stress being prepared so that we can be reshipping quickly, so that we can bring the right tools to hand to take an engagement.

Our pilots are very PvP minded. When someone says on coms that a ship is found in the chain, the best recruits are excited have another oppertunity to pvp. Every one of our pilots is driven to get fights and blow things up.

Outside of PvP, we have an excellent array of planets for setting up PI in our hole. We also provide the opportunity for players to do industry in the hole as well. As well as the usual suspects of PvE content, like running sites. Many of our pilots do these activities on the side. Affordable and fast logistics are also available for use, allowing our members to order whatever they want and get it promptly delivered in our home hole. We offer SRP in the form of certain Alliance funded ships as well.

We live in a vanilla c5 with a c5 static.

What do we offer?

Out of game infrastructure:


Our rules and expectations:

The most important requirement is to be prepared. Having 2 ships from each doctrine allows our members to participate in our fleets, and for us as a group to be able to take fights we otherwise wouldn't be able to. Being prepared is paramount for our members.

How to join:

Follow these steps:

Join our public ingame channel: mcav-public

Recruiters: Jotunn Ragnarok, Deepsniper

Additional material:

Our CEO was featured on Crossing Zebras, see what he has to say: ... im-nering/
Our Killboard:

Yuri Titov



Post 2018.02.11 14:20

Re: Mouth Trumpet Cavalry [MCAV.] - C5 Wormhole Corp

Still recruiting, sill one of the most active corps in w-space

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